The truth about the Corvette Grand Sport

It is the best car in the world*. It is the Michael Jordan of cars. It is incredibly versatile, with a twist of the knob on the central console you can select from 5 different driving modes, one of which is touring, that mode makes the suspension nice and soft and the exhaust quiet, drive the Mrs. to church on a sunday morning in that setting and afterwards, twist the knob again to put it in track mode, go the local track later that sunday afternoon and beat a Mclaren to the finish line …impressive.

..if Michael Jordan was a car

You can even put it in Eco mode and average 24mpg …outstanding. Let’s not even talk about the curb appeal, it brings goodwill and happiness wherever it goes, people are happy to see you the car. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the Grand Sport (GS from now on) and it always drew a crowd, a girl at Mcdonalds drive-through asked if she could drive it, a lady at a gas station came up to me and said she normally doesn’t like Corvettes but she likes THAT Corvette, went grocery shopping, came out to find people taking selfies with the car. The car is the star of the show.

will turn you into a celebrity overnight

And why not …just look at it! Now, about that asterisk, while the different drive modes may fool you into thinking it’s an everyday car…its not, it just pretends to be. For one it hates potholes, if you do happen to go near one, the 20 inch forged lightweight wheel wrapped in a $530 Michelin supersport tire will crack and or bend. It also also doesn’t like gradients greater than 3 degrees, if you go near one it will scrape, kkkkkkrrrrrrrhhhhh, a horrible sound you quickly get used to as it is pretty much unavoidable.

During testing Motor Trend said it had “more grip than any other car on earth” and when it came out ,Car and Driver put it on the cover and hailed it “The best all around Corvette”. If you are a car enthusiast you owe it to yourself to drive this car at least once and if most of your income comes from stock options (unlike lowly wage earners like myself) you should go ahead and buy one. Although, at about 1/3rd the price of a Mclaren, most of the 99% can actually aspire to buy one one day, watch out for the maintenance costs though, especially wheels and tires.

The Gran Turismo series was arguably the most realistic racing game ever made, it ushered an entire generation of kids into racing and track driving, (myself included). I remember when the C7 Corvette (on which the GS is based) was unveiled, it was released in the game simultaneously. The creator of the Gran Turismo series is Kazunori Yamauchi, a Sony executive and car aficionado, he was once asked “what is the prefect car”… his response, a race car.

And odd response until you think about it, in order for a race car to win it needs to be powerful yet efficient (less pit stops means the more ahead you are), incredibly quick yet easy to drive (driver fatigues less when the car is easy to drive) and as light as possible yet durable enough to finish the race. The race car that perfectly balances all those things is the best…and that is what the Grand Sport is …the perfect balance.

…perfect balance, we could all use some

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